The Order: 1886 Behind The Scenes Video Details Creation of the Half Breeds

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

Ready at Dawn, developers behind the highly awaited The Order: 1886 have just released a new behind the scenes video explaining in detail all the creative process involved in making the Lycans or Halfbreeds of the game come to life.

The video shows early concept art images of Lycans in their various stages, fully highlighting not only their bestial aspects but also the human part in their half breed which makes them such an intelligent and deadly foe.

The creative team explains how their main focus was creating something which looked real and not out of some comic book. Something intelligent enough to talk but also dangerous enough to rip a human to shreds in a matter of seconds.

The team’s focus was to create something which when the players look at would make them wonder whether such a thing is possible in real life or not, in short a perfect mix between a wolf and a human.

The Order: 1886 is an upcoming third person action adventure being developed exclusively for PS4. The game is set in an alternate reality in London where an order of knights, following in the footsteps of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table protect humanity from the half breeds in the world.

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