One Piece Unlimited World Red Season Pass Brings 16 New Quests & Costumes

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

Now while I agree that One Piece Unlimited World Red Season Pass looks more like a whole sentence’s worth of disjointed words, I can’t deny that people want to play this game and every DLC that it has to offer. What could be a better thing to do than to buy off the whole of the downloadable content packs with a Season Pass? Now is your chance.

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game now have the Season Pass purchasable from the PlayStation Store Europe. Here’s what they have to say about One Piece Unlimited World Red Season Pass and its features:

“Save money on content for this game by purchasing the Season Pass. Content can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store or in-game once it is released. Get access to all downloadable content and extend your One Piece experience by discovering 16 new quests and 12 exclusive costumes. Enjoy a full Journey to the Mysterious Island!”

If you are a fan and wish to get the most out of it, I suggest you let lose exactly £24.99 from your wallet and get the Season Pass for either your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 3.

If you didn’t notice, this offer lands parallel to the release date of the game in the European territories i.e. June 27. The North American audience is expected to wait until July 8.

Are you going to purchase the One Piece Unlimited World Red Season Pass or would you rather play the game itself for now?

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