Nintendo’s Miiverse Update Tweaks The Social Media Experience

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

Nintendo’s social network, Miiverse just received a new update adding new features as well as tweaking various old ones allowing players to customize features of their Activity Feed and improving the overall experience.

Users now even have the option to embed posts from their Miiverse on to other websites using the new option added.

Much like any other embed post feature on various social media websites, the option provides users a unique embed code which can be used on any website.

To further improve the user experience and remove all the extra clutter, the amount of Yeahs showing up on activity feed have been reduced. Users can also completely turn off Yeahs from appearing by changing their Miiverse Settings from User Menu.

The web version of Miiverse has also been updated to better match the WiiU and 3DS versions and also includes the user’s favorite handwritten posts.

Integrated into almost every game for 3DS and WiiU, Miiverse allows users to interact and share their experiences through their own Miis by way of drawings, text, screenshots, and sometimes game videos.

Nintendo also has plans to launch Miiverse in the form of dedicated apps for tablets and smartphones.

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