EA Sports UFC Glitches Video is Hilarious

YouTube channel Tommy Toe Hold has released a new video, in which they combine the glitches found in EA Sports UFC and provide hilarious commentary on them.

Glitches have been part of games for a very long time, and sometimes they are too funny that you just can’t stop laughing.

Same is the case here in this video, where you will see world-class athlete going at each other, when the game gets glitched and gives them some sort of magical powers. These moves are made even funnier by the commentary that has been done by the makers.

You will find this video entertaining even if you have no idea what UFC is or what exactly is going on the matches that athletes are participating in.

However, this doesn’t mean that EA Sports UFC is just filled with glitches, but sometimes these type of glitches occur in the game, which is a case for almost every single game nowadays.

The game upon its release didn’t receive a great reception because of its not so intriguing gameplay, which just didn’t live to the hype.

Another let down was the newly added career mode, which was supposed to be the highlight of EA Sports UFC but couldn’t really get the blood flow going.

However, do watch the video and let us know what did you think of it in the comments below!