Dragon Age Inquisition is Complete, Only Reviewing Phase is Left

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

Well, it looks like the development phase of Dragon Age Inquisition has been completed. All that is left now involves reviewing and squishing of the bugs.

Cameron Lee, the producer of Dragon Age Inquisition was interviewed at E3 this year where he was asked to share the current status of the game’s development – among a lot of other things.

As far as the roadmap of the game is concerned from now until the release, Lee said that:

Finishing the game, we hit alpha not long ago so now every day we are playing the game and reviewing the game. There is this massive list of bugs that we need to fix.

Pretty much from now until October 7, every day is about bug fixing. So, the game is done! Its just the matter of ‘polish it up here, fix bugs over here’ and then we are done!

While talking about the huge dragon fight that was shown at the conference he explained how the game’s combat mechanics are going to have different layers to them.

Normal action combat would usually suffice with the stamina or the way the player fights. However, there will be a group momentum aspect too. This comes to play when the party is fighting something together. This builds up over time and varies from fight to fight.

He also explained how the tactical camera view can let you look at the battleground from different angles by zooming all the way out. This lets you find out what they are armored with or what kind of defenses are you going up against.

As you would already know that Dragon Age Inquisition is only going to let you pick one class which means the special abilities of each class get more importance than the previous games in the series.

Alright so coming back to the state of the game, now that Dragon Age Inquisition is done, and the only thing left now is reviewing, what would you want to see next about it?

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