Crytek’s Closure Will Not Affect Star Citizen

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

With all these rumors floating about regarding Crytek’s demise, Cloud Imperium Games has come forward to assure their backers that Star Citizen will in no way be affected.

The new-age take on an ultimate space simulation title is powered by CryEngine 3. Naturally backers were afraid that in a worst case scenario, the closure of Crytek might put the game’s development at risk.

Answering the query on the forums, the studio’s Erin Roberts stated that should Crytek shut down, development of Star Citizen will not be affected.

We did an outright buyout of the engine last year and have the source code, so while we hope all the noise about Crytek blows over, as they are great partners and friends to the project, if the worse happened we would be ok, as we’ve already branched the engine and have a large team that is adding features and supporting it every day here at CIG. So even in the worst case scenario we should be fine, but obviously we hope it does not come to that.

The concern comes after recent reports suggested that Crytek’s employees have not been paid on time for some while now, making the studio’s UK division on the brink of emptying out. This is the same division that is currently working on Homefront: The Revolution.

In addition to that there have also been reports that Crytek has cancelled development of Ryse 2 following the bleak sales of the first on Xbox One.

Crytek has refused to comment on the reports so far.

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