Starforge Update 0.7.5 Brings The Game To Beta, Adds Craftable Armor Sets

By   /   Jun 25, 2014

The developers of Starforge have released a huge update for the game which brings the game out of its Alpha Stage and brings it into the Beta.

New update 0.7.5 brings new armor, loot zones, biomes, new weapons, sights for the guns, hacking, 64-Bit, crashed ships, dedicated servers, new resources, new NPCs, new inventory sorting, new health bar, new hunger bar, working injections and a lot of new sound effects.

Moreover, update 0.7.5 also gives a new feel to the gameplay as there will be more depth while playing the game and experience will feel more realistic.

Developer talked about the new armors added to the game on its steam page:

Major feature included in this patch is fully craftable and equippable armor sets! Tier 0 being the Zero Suit introduced earlier in the game all the way up to Tier 3 Guardian Armor showed off in an earlier post. The armors add resistances from all kinds of different damage to the player, and affects the player’s overall speed.

Also, the addition of 64-bit will remove numerous issues from the game that were linked with memory and will provide a smoother gameplay for the palyers.

In addition, developer has added a new animal to the game called “Wurmi” which players will be able to hunt down and use for fiber and food.

This update certainly moves Starforge in a whole new direction and we will see how the game’s beta bodes with the players in near future.

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