PayDay 2 DLC for PS3 Brings Armored Transport & Gage Weapon Packs

By   /   Jun 25, 2014

Good news for the PlayStation 3 fans, the first PayDay 2 DLC packs for the platform are here! These are the same that have been there on the PC version of the game though console users were kept at bay until now.

The long awaited Armored Transport DLC is the first one that you will be able to get your hands on. In this, you get additional heists that let you rob trains and transport vehicles that are armored. There will be six different places with two heists and the transport vehicle robberies will lead to the bigger train robbery.

Apart from that you will also get three new weapons; the Gruber Kurz pistol for heisting specialists, Commando 553 Assault Rifle for the Tanks and lastly the classic Swedish K SMG. There will also be tons of modifications.

Lastly, it will get you four new masks themed around known presidents of the USA. They come in addition to American themed materials and patterns.

Moving on, the DLC will bring Gage Weapon Pack 1 and Gage Weapon Pack 2. The first one brings Frag Grenades, Grenade Case Asset, three new weapons and four new animal masks.

The second i.e. Gage Weapon Pack 2 comes packed with the infamous Cloaker, three Light Machine Guns, new melee weapons – Knives, four new masks as well as new patterns and materials.

The whole of it can be purchased as the Swag Bag 1 for a price of $10.

Now that the PayDay 2 DLCs have started pouring in for PlayStation 3, how excited are you about buying them?

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