Nexon To Release Free Game From Sleeping Dogs Devs

By   /   Jun 25, 2014

In one of several recent partnerships, publisher Nexon announced that it will be making a game with developer United Front Games, known recently for Sleeping Dogs from Square Enix. There’s not much else known about the upcoming game, except that it will follow Nexon’s usual free-to-play model and release in 2015.

Aside from the Asian-themed open world action game, United Front Games also made a name for itself with the party racer ModNation Racers. It was pushed by Sony for quite some time, including a ton of additional content, which would show the company’s skill for updates.

On Nexon’s end, the publisher also made a recent announcement that it would release Human Element, the cryptic yet anticipated game from ex-Infinity Ward wunderkind Robert Bowling. Additionally, Splash Damage’s online shooter, Dirty Bomb, is set to release somewhere this year as well.

So, since there are already several gun-themed games coming, hopefully United Front Games will be put to work on the party aspect in ModNation Racers and not the action elements from Sleeping Dogs it’s shown before. It even made LittleBigPlanet Karting, which is basically a repeat of its first racer, so it’s gotten plenty of practice there.

Nexon seems to be moving up its free-to-play game in a big way, ever since its humble beginnings with MapleStory and a series of more casual titles. They now have an array of different games, such as the recently released United Eleven, which offers a football manager game just in time for the World Cup.

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