Killing Floor 2: Meet The Zeds

By   /   Jun 25, 2014

A new video released for Killing Floor 2 gives us a chance to make our acquaintance with the specimens known as the Zeds.

The video gives us a glimpse to what players will be facing off in the second installment of the teamwork-oriented first-person shooting title. Tripwire is bringing the Zeds back from the first game, but this time around in a new darker shade. They are nastier, creepier and more dangerous.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Killing Floor 2 would feature a new progression system where players will unlock and choose between two new skills after every five levels. A total of four difficulty levels will be there for players to test out their mettle. However, as the difficulty bar is raised, the Zeds will gain new abilities and become even more dangerous. On the highest bar, enemies will be faster, will take more damage and deal killing blows more quickly.

Tripwire has promised modding support for the game and will release a mod SDK for the Steam Workshop.

The first Killing Floor was released in 2009 and the new one looks to trump that with an increased six-player co-op, new weapons, new Zeds, expanded perks, reworked melee, and a “proprietary, high-powered persistent blood system” which guarantees a new level of gore.

A release date has not been set for Killing Floor 2 but the developer has promised that it will reach Early Access for PC and SteamOS later this year.

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