Hyrule Warriors Zelda Trailer Shows How Strong She Is

By   /   Jun 25, 2014

Tecmo Koei Games has been releasing videos to demonstrate the strengths and play styles of the characters that we will be able to choose from in Hyrule Warriors recently. Now, they have shared a new trailer that shows off the ever loved Princess Zelda in action.

The trailer is Japanese so please don’t mind if I can’t thoroughly translate the details in words but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience how strong she looks. In fact, she looks stronger than Link!

Hyrule Warriors Zelda trailer starts off with a very hot depiction of Zelda standing in the battleground with a sword. Then you see her bringing to ashes huge hordes of enemies with slashes that look like light.

Trust me when I say this, the trailer does justice to Yosuke Hayashi when he said that Hyrule Warriors is going to give Zelda a time to boast of the powers that she has always had.

Check out the trailer yourself and let us know what you think of it. what I am thinking is that after Hyrule Warriors I would want more of those powerful blows by Zelda!

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