GTA Online ‘Car Duplicating Glitch’ Works After Patch 1.14

By   /   Jun 25, 2014

GTA Online High Life Update
Just recently, Rockstar Games released Patch v.1.14 for GTA Online, addressing a plethora of bugs and glitches, primarily the car duplicating glitch.

Since the launch of GTA V, players have managed to discover such glitches, regardless of continuous updates from Rockstar Games.

This whole issue is pretty frustrating for the developer since the multiplayer aspect of the game makes use of micro-transactions and by doing this, players can not only duplicate their vehicles, but also sell them for an extra bit of cash. Hence, giving birth to Unlimited Cash exploit.

And though Rockstar Games tried to fix this issue once and for all with Patch v.1.14, it seems like they are out of luck, again. Check out the video above and you will know for yourself!

Those of you who aren’t interested in watching the video, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how you can duplicate your car in GTA Online after Patch v.1.14:

  • Get any car [Which you want to duplicate] and make sure it doesn’t have tracker on it
  • Have one of your Online Friends sit beside you and drive to an Online Race Blue Circle
  • Get out of the car [Your friend should still be inside] and open up mission screen
  • Ask your friend to get out of the car and open up mission screen
  • Both [You and your friend] should leave the mission screen at the same time and the car will be duplicated

With both cars at your disposal, sell them and you’ll be the richest guys in Los Santos in no time [By rinsing and repeating, of course].

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