Euro Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star Out In September

By   /   Jun 25, 2014

Publisher Tecmo Koei announced that it will localize Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star this year. It will release in Europe on September 26 for Playstation 3 and it will feature both Japanese and English voice-overs.

Ar noSurge might sound familiar to roleplaying game (RPG) fans, since it’s a mixture of both the Ciel nosurge and Ar tonelico games. Both are works from developer Gust, who has a long list of iterations for this series.

For fighting mechanisms, Ar noSurge uses two main characters with a fighter upfront, accompanied by supporting member that they need to protect. While the one party member takes on enemies, the other can make use of magical songs, which can deal more damage after charging up.

Battles take place in certain waves. Depending on the outcome, characters either reduce the threat gauge in the field or completely empty it upon a successfully beaten encounter.

A big part of the series is also conversation and Ar noSurge will be no different. A lot of emphasis is put on talking with different characters, getting their take on the current situation and so on.

For instance, it’s possible to dive into the mental world of a certain character and witness their thoughts in more of a visual novel system. Some conversations happen during cleansing moments in hot springs, because that’s a thing in these types of RPGs apparently.

There’s also a social media aspect to Ar noSurge, where players can visit official sites or tweet about the game to be awarded points in-game.

While Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star is announced for Europe, no details for a North American version are known right now. Its PS Vita iteration, Ar noSurge Plus, is also still a Japan-only release.

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