Bombing Bastards Also On Greenlight And Fire Amazon TV

By   /   Jun 25, 2014

Developer Sanuk Games announced that its Bomberman ripoff homage, Bombing Bastards, is set for release in North America. You can expect the arcade title on Nintendo Wii U to launch on July 3, for a very reasonable price of $6.99.

As with most titles now, the European version of the Wii U game will follow later on. Recently, a few developers spoke on the current rigidity from Nintendo Europe’s quality assurance and the increase in rating charges leading to delays for games in that region.

There are also plans for Bombing Bastards on other formats, such as Playstation 4, where it was previously announced. For Xbox One, Sanuk Games mentioned that they are still waiting for approval to their application.

Moreover, the company stated that Bombing Bastards is also branching out to Amazon Fire TV. A release date is imminent, in fact, stated to be “within the next couple of weeks.”

Even PC owners can get a chance to play some classic arcade game, as Bombing Bastards just went up on Steam Greenlight. Feel free to vote it up, because there’s been a giant lack of Bomberman titles lately and Basement Crawl on Playstation 4 didn’t exactly do a decent job.

Moreover, the Steam version is the only one that will feature an online battle mode, so it’s not like there’s absolutely no point in voting on the game. Otherwise, Bombing Bastards pitches mostly local multiplayer madness.

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