MGS V: The Phantom Pain is Without David Hayter’s Voice This Time

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

David Hayter is very well known for his voice over acting of “Snake” in Metal Gear Solid series, but today on his twitter, he confirms that he will not be a part of upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in any way.

People have been curious about Hayter’s involvement in the MGS V: The Phantom Pain because he has always linked with franchise one way or the other, but this tweet from him certainly confirms that he will not be returning to assume the role of Snake.

With the latest entry in the series, Hideo Kojima wants to redo everything and bring a vast open world to the players so they will have complete choice of completing the mission as they please.

In previous entries, the game had to be played in a certain way and paths to move forward were fixed, however, this time players will be dropped in the area and then they will progress using different gadgets and weapons at their disposal depending upon their choice.

In addition to that, MGS V: The Phantom Pain will have constantly changing weather, day/night cycle and very realistic shadows.

Moreover, graphically the game has improved a lot and all the characters and environments have a great look and feel to them.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2015.

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