Titanfall: Update 4 Detailed, New Burn Cards, Modes and Customizations

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

Respawn Entertainment has today detailed the upcoming massive Game Update 4 for Titanfall, which will be bringing new modes, burn cards, customization options and more.

Patch notes posted on the game’s official blog reveal that the update will be heading first to the PC and Xbox One versions, with the Xbox 360 to see the new features at a later unspecified date.

Game Update 4 will feature 14 new Burn Cards, including new “amped” Titan weapons and abilities. These cards won’t be lost upon the deaths of pilots but rather the destruction of their Titans. Titans boasting Burn Cards will now be highlighted in orange, while those with active cards will be marked on the HUD.

Additionally the new update will make sure that players can now earn rare Burn Cards even if their deck is full. However, upon arming a new Burn Card, the player must first discard an older one to meet the maximum cards requirement. Max deck size is now 46, up from the previous 26 cards.

The patch notes also reveal that the update will improve Matchmaking. Team will be rearranged before loading to balance out skills and headcount. Players can unlock new insignias and voice over options to customize their Titans.

Other minor features include new ways to unlock certain chassis and addition of the featured game modes playlist to the rotation. The first playlist will feature the new mode Marked For Death, in which a player on each team will be marked as the target. Players must kill all opponents while protecting their marked teammate.

The Xbox One version of Titanfall is also getting a score of bug fixes and tweaks, as well as new achievements attached to the Expedition DLC maps.

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