No Split Screen Co-op for Far Cry 4, Multiplayer is a Secret for Now

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

Did you play Far Cry 3’s missions that featured split screen? They were okay, but not overwhelming, and probably that is the reason why Ubisoft has decided to skip them for Far Cry 4.

During the E3 2014 frenzy, technical director at Ubisoft, Cedric Decelle was questioned about the different modes of the game and the features incorporated into the campaign. He was asked if there will be a ‘couch co-op’ or just an ‘online co-op,’ to which he said that the game is an online co-op only title.

Obviously, you would like to inquire further about other modes of play that Far Cry 4 has, more importantly the competitive multiplayer. Sadly, Decelle wasn’t willing to let loose anything on that and said that the multiplayer details were ‘a secret for now.’

Previously, Far Cry 3 had a split screen co-op mode however, it kept aloof of the most interesting parts of the story. The game was divided clearly into levels and didn’t allow much of a free roam as well. It was nearly a drill of spawning killing enemies and repeating all that until you got bored. No animals, no weapon purchases.

All in all, the split screen co-op might just be categorized as a tacked on feature if not something bad.

Now that the developers have announced that Far Cry 4 campaign will skip the split screen co-op altogether, will it make you happier or sad? Moreover, is split screen co-op still a feature in demand or is the online co-op a good replacement?

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