How About a Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet? I am Not Kidding

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

Halo series not only gained popularity due to its awesome gameplay and unique storyline, but also because of the interesting protagonist “Master Chief” who we have always seen wearing the helmet.

Now, NECA has announced that it will be releasing the same Master Chief helmet for public that they will be able to wear, when riding their bikes.

The announcement was accompanied by a picture of the prototype, which you can see is not painted, but still looks stunning.


Here’s what NECA has to say about its newly unveiled helmet:

Whether you’re on a Honda dirt bike, a custom Harley, or a vintage Vespa, the Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet will offer the full-face protection preferred by Master Chief (and savvy bikers everywhere).

Due to the popularity of Halo series, a lot of fans wanted to have this helmet for themselves but until now their wish was not fulfilled.

At this point, we don’t have much details, but it will be very exciting to see how this new helmet will shape up when it finally hit the markets.

In related news, Microsoft announced that pre-order pack for Halo Master Chief Collection will contain a bandana skull, which will give players unlimited ammo to use in all four single player campaigns included in the collection.

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