Lana in Hyrule Warriors is a Brand New Character, Agitha Details Also Shared

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

Hyrule Warriors, the hack and slash action game of Omega Force and Team Ninja takes its roots in The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors – two other games of the publisher Tecmo Koei. We have known that there will be some characters from those games that will play in this one, but a lot of filling in needs to be done on details.

Recently, bits and pieces of information were revealed by the makers of the game regarding two of its characters. First off is Lana. Originally it was rumored that this character will be the Princess Lana from Captain N: The Game Master. However, these speculations were refuted and we have been told now that Lana is a completely new character.

Wielding a magic book with her even in the battlefield, she is a witch who can create barriers between her and the enemy and takes damage when those barriers are broken down.

Then there is Agitha, this character comes from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and fights using a parasol. Abilities that set Agitha apart from other characters include being able to call insects for attack.

Moreover, it was also revealed that Link’s Hook Shot will return to the game. This will increase mobility and accessibility of places. In the end, we have been told that you will be able to call the moon down as an attack from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Attack. You will require certain items for that though.

Hyrule Warriors unleashes on September 26 on Wii U in North America while Europe gets it a week earlier.

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