Grid Autosport Skips Time Trial, Plans Free HD Pack And DLC Season Pass

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

Racing game Grid Autosport is right at the gates of release, but Codemasters still has a few bits of new info for its community. In a blog post, the company mentions that the gold version is currently being pressed and shipped to retailers.

There are a few things that will happen now. First off, a section of content planned for the original release will miss the deadline. In the post, it states:

We reached a significant technical stumbling block with the leaderboards in Time Trial, and had to pull it from the launch version of the game.

Anyone worried about this news will be pleased to know that this option is still planned and will be added in Grid Autosport at a later date. This will, of course, be free of charge.

In more freebies, Codemasters is throwing its PC fans a bone with an HD texture pack, which will be an optional piece of downloadable content (DLC) upon launch. It increases the fidelity for liveries and cars.

Reason for the separation of the texture pack is to ensure a smooth performance for everyone, as the included 4K assets would otherwise impede performance for those playing on the lowest settings.

In addition, Grid Autosport has DLC planned in two formats: cars and mini-expansions. While the first is straightforward, the latter batch is a mish-mash of tracks, vehicles or even game modes.

Three packs for each type of DLC are currently planned. With that, Codemasters confirms that a Season Pass for Grid Autosport is in the works.

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