Great Stability for Battlefield Hardline Promised by Visceral Games

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

Battlefield Hardline sure is an ambitious project for Visceral Games. The pressure point right now is to make sure that the upcoming title doesn’t fall in the footsteps of Battlefield 4 and make a mess out of server crashes, glitches and netcode issues. In short, it is a do or die situation for them when it comes to the stability of the game.

Visceral Games’ lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thad Sasser was talking to PlayStation Lifestyle recently where he ensured how hard they were working to ensure that the game is stable at its launch:

“A lot of our engineers are participating in the CTE (Community Test Environment), actively helping with the changes going on there. One of the great things about working on this franchise with DICE is that we’re able to take some of these improvements and roll them into the Hardline game. So expect to see great stability at launch, and anything we can do to improve the player experience, we’re going to take that very seriously and try to get that into the game.”

Visceral Games have been put at the helm of the ship at a time when the overall goodwill is comparatively low for the game. Battlefield 4’s bugs, crashes and a generally poor launch has let people fuming and now all the pressure is upon them.

Do you think Visceral Games is going to be able to clean up the mess that the predecessor of Battlefield Hardline had created?

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