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Get Free Games In GOG’s 24-Hour Adrenaline Rush Sale


Stop what you’re doing right now, like right this moment, to go over to and pick up a free copy of Omerta: City of Gangsters in its 24-Hour Adrenaline Rush sale. As the name states, this event runs for just one day and will have tons of revolving deals pop up and disappear just as quickly.

Omerta: City of Gangsters is one of four games that will appear at an undetermined time, only staying for three hours, so time’s wasting. Make sure to keep an eye on the front page with all the running deals to find the free title in there.

Omerta - Citiy of Gangsters Gold Edition

Naturally, there are also things to buy. Every hour, new flash deals will appear, which discounts one title of GOG’s catalog to a quite generous degree. If nothing else, a large section of their full roster is currently available 50% off.

At the moment, there are already some titles well worth picking up. Corsairs Gold is a swashbuckling conquest title like Pirates!, while Steamworld Dig is an absolutely charming platform title with a mining robot.

If that’s not your thing, Spelunky is the epitome of Steamworld Dig’s scope, if you can stomach the difficulty. Platform games are hot on GOG right now, because Mega Man and Smash Bros hybrid Megabyte Punch is also up for a few more hours.

This is, no doubt, an attempt of GOG to counter the current Steam Summer Sale, by having people check their storefront periodically as well. We’re all for some friendly competition and since GOG uses a single currency model, it’s already winning on that front for Europeans.