EA Sports UFC: How To Unlock Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

One of the biggest highlights of EA Sports UFC prior to its release was characters like Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie.

Sadly, these characters are not playable at the very beginning of the game and must be unlocked first (Assuming that you haven’t pre-ordered the game).

In this guide, I will be sharing methods, using which you will be able to unlock these fighters.

How to Unlock Bruce Lee
One of the easiest ways of unlocking Bruce Lee as a playable character is by completing the game’s Career Mode on Hard or higher difficulty setting.

Once you’ve done that, Bruce Lee will become available in Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, and Lightweight.

If this seems too much grinding, you can always buy the character for $6.00 across all four modes. Alternatively, you can also buy him for $2.00 for each game mode.

How to Unlock Royce Gracie
Just like Bruce Lee, you need to complete the game’s Career Mode on Pro or higher difficulty setting to unlock legendary Royce Gracie as a playable character in UFC’s Middleweight Division.

Alternatively, you can also buy Royce Gracie for $2.00 for Middleweight Division.

Do you have some information on any unlockable character? Share it with us in the comments below!

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