AMD’s New Beast Card R9 295X Up For Reveal This Fall

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

News of Nvidia planning to release their new series later this year have now been met by AMD’s plans to unleash their own beast, which is bent on mauling whatever Nvidia has lined up.

According to rumors and the web, AMD’s new graphic cards will be running on the new Hawaii XTX GPU. Assumed to be called the Radeon R9 295X, the card will feature 3000 cores, 192 TMUs, and 64 ROP. It’s possible that we see AMD’s new offering exceed the performance barriers set by the mighty GTX 780Ti.

The R9 295X, if that’s the final name, will most probably be put against Nvidia’s flagship GTX Titan Black, as well as the 780Ti. A price point though is up for speculation at this time.

AMD has always been about raw power with value for money. Its cards have been cheaper compared to Nvidia but offer nearly equal performances. We can well assume a reference card to start at around $650, with different cooling solutions going up to $1000.

The issue here will be of temperatures. The current R9 290X is unable to handle any more power strain put on it without heading into the red margins. It’ll be interesting to see what AMD has done to ensure the temperature remains low and at the same time offer twice the gain.

On a personal note, it would be great if AMD actually focused on their game drivers support more than putting out new cards every year. Nvidia may demand a premium on their high-end cards, but that premium is justified in fabulous gains in the shape of new drivers within a week of release.

Source VideoCardz

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