Xbox One Sales Top Japanese Retailers Based on Pre-Orders

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

The eighth generation console by Microsoft might not be number one in the race against its competitors worldwide, but it sure is trying to make its mark in new markets. Currently, Xbox One sales figures based on the preorder levels at multiple Japanese retailers are as impressive as it gets.

On June 20, the Xbox One preorders were started for Japan in light of the console’s release that is scheduled on September 4, 2014. Now, the Xbox One sales figures based on the bestselling charts of many retailers show that the console is either topping the list or is among the top three bestselling products.

This is good news because the sales of Xbox have always been disappointing in Japan. This is primarily due to the fact that the Japan is the home market of Sony as well as Nintendo and both of the big guns have the market covered from point to point.

Among the retailers Yodobashi Camera is on the top. The biggest online retailer of the country is currently offering Xbox One bundled with two other games that led it to number one. Amazon Japan also has Xbox One Day One Edition at the number one spot among the best selling products chart.

Moving on, Rakuten Books has had the console at number one spot for numerous hours until it was finally dethroned by Freedom Wars.

Obviously this is still going to be far below the performance of PS4 in its time of release but such numbers of Xbox One sales just in the preorder window is still a great accomplishment for Microsoft.

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