Latest Resogun Update Adds Local Co-op, Ship Editor and More

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun received a new update bringing with it a plethora of new content and changes. The patch, serving as sort of a preparation patch for the release of Heroes expansion is available to download for free.

Among various changes and features the patch adds, perhaps the most exciting one is the introduction of a local co-op where score, multiplier, lives and items are shared between players. Another exciting new addition is the spaceship editor.

The editor allows players to design their own spaceships, however they want! From X-Wings and TIE Fighters to something as absurd as a Banana Bomber, players can build it all.

Some of the other changes and additions include:

  • 11 new PSN trophies
  • Added support for moving and shooting with directional buttons and action buttons
  • Added an option to toggle vibration on/off
  • Added an option to change HUD opacity
  • Leaderboards now support more than 100 friends
  • Added new and improved Game Over screen
  • Weekly and monthly leaderboards have been added as well as leaderboards for countries

Full patch notes can be read on developer Housemarque’s blog.

The side scrolling shoot ‘em up Resogun is available now exclusively on PS4 via digital distribution.

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