Mirror’s Edge 2 will be Less Frustrating than its Predecessor, Says DICE

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

If you have played Mirror’s Edge, you would be well acquainted with certain things in the game that have been marked as pretty frustrating. However, Mirror’s Edge 2 is probably not going to be that frustrating as they are taking their time.

In the last game, one thing that can be categorized as frustrating was combat (or at least some parts of it).

The chief executive officer of DICE Karl Magnus Troedsson was interviewed recently where he shed some light on what they plan to do with the game including VR support and other aspects. While talking about the changes that they expect to bring to the game, he said:

“We realized this is going to take some time for us, so we basically said, let’s take the time and perhaps have a little bit of a smaller team over a longer period of time. We really want to continue doing that but removing a bit of the frustration that came with that in the first game. We’re focusing on first-person combat this time around; to make sure we bring that experience into something that is really fun and accessible.”

Interestingly, they have also been experimenting with VR headsets but currently they think that the experience is a bit too overwhelming. It was vertigo and first person movement that they were referring to.

Would you like to get rid of the frustrating parts in Mirror’s Edge 2 and replace them with some new overwhelming features like the VR support?

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