Kingdom Under Fire II Extended Trailer Features Large Scale Monster Battles

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

An extended trailer for Kingdom Under Fire II has been released by developer Blueside that features in-game footage and shows us the scale of the game’s battles.

The five-minute trailer merges cinematic shots with gameplay footage to highlight the large scale battles players will be stepping into. The video also gives us a glimpse into the abilities of the three playable characters.

Another trailer released in March focused on the open terrain and how players can explore, hunt wild animals, collect and gather materials for crafting various items. Players can also participate in community activities, large-scale player-versus-player battles, and grand-size raids.

Kingdom Under Fire II is a free-to-play game that is scheduled for release this summer on the PlayStation 4. It’s unknown as to what kind of a F2P model the publisher will be planning to follow. It’s unlikely they’ll try something over the top and will probably settle for cosmetic upgrades.

The action/strategy MMO was originally announced back in 2008 for a 2009 release for consoles and PC. The game though then suffered numerous delays and ultimately had the developers overhaul their objectives and cross the game over to the newly released PlayStation 4.

According to the game’s executive producer, Sang Youn Lee, Kingdom Under Fire II on PS4 will look better than the PC version of the game.

Kingdom Under Fire II puts you in charge of a fantasy hero who controls an army and does battle with huge enemy forces using overhead army-ordering tactics and colossal spells, as well as close range hack-and-slash fighting.

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