Forza Horizon 2 Xbox 360 Version is a Different Game from Xbox One Version

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

Looks like the Forza Horozin 2 Xbox 360 version and Xbox One version are going to be more than just ports.

We all know that Playground Games is developing Forza Horizon 2 along with two other studios. The Xbox 360 version of the game is being developed by Sumo Digital and since many of us are sticking to the good old console even now, it is wise to ask how it will look.

Recently, the creative director of Forza Horizon 2, Ralph Fulton was talking about the game and its Xbox 360 version. He said that apart from being developed by a different studio, and being made on a different engine, it should be treated like a different game altogether.

He said that although both versions are inspired by the same ideas, it shouldn’t be treated as a direct port. Here’s his complete statement:

“It’s based in the same world, it’s based on the same themes. Rather than thinking of them as the same game on different platforms, they are different games inspired by the same ideas.
There are things we are doing in Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One that honestly couldn’t be done on any other console.”

From where I am looking at it, I can see the different in capabilities of both the consoles that might be a hindrance in the way of creating a game exactly like its Xbox One counterpart. Maybe that is why the developers chose to differentiate between the two versions so that the Xbox 360 version could be made to the full capacity and in accordance with the platform.

However, I expect this to positively impact the Forza Horizon 2 Xbox 360 version as now, the game will be made keeping the platform’s capacity in mind rather than its next gen equivalent.

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