Divinity: Original Sin Gets a New ‘Feature’ Trailer Ahead of Its Release

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

Larian Studios has released a new trailer in preparation for the upcoming June 30th release of Divinity: Original Sin. The ‘Feature’ trailer is a must watch for those who have been
looking forward to finally play the game after a few delays.

While in terms of visuals and general gameplay like movement, Divinity: Original Sin looks a lot like Blizzard’s Diablo 3. But the game is far from just another Diablo clone, it does something which not many developers are bold enough to do in this modern age.

Divinity: Original Sin takes RPGs back to the genre’s roots, back to old school turn based combat. Players will have access to over 180 spells and skills which can be combined in various combinations with up to 3 other players for massive destruction.

Gameplay involves a lot of puzzle solving as expected from any RPG and the environment is highly interactive allowing players to use various objects in the world to their own advantage.

The game also boasts extensive in-depth character creation allowing players to modify almost everything about their character whether it is skin color, gender, facial paint or various other options.

Divinity: Original Sin also includes a Divinity Engine Toolkit allowing players to design their own custom levels which they can play through with their friends.

Launched from a Kickstarter campaign, Divinity: Original Sin is set to be released on PC and MAC on June 30.

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