Class of Heroes 2G Gets Extremely Limited Edition

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

Developer Gaijinworks announced that they’ll proceed with a physical release for Playstation 3 game Class of Heroes 2G. They already once asked fans to sign up to show their support for an actual hardcopy, but that drive fell way short of its goal.

Gaijiworks originally asked for 7,000 copies to make the cut for production, but running that event solely through their site hasn’t come up with the needed momentum. Moreover, the elevated price of $39.99 for a game must’ve caught a few off guard.

Listening to fans on its forums, the company now decided to make an extremely limited edition anyway for anyone who pre-purchases the game. To overcome costs, the price is now raised to $49.99, plus shipping costs.

Pre-sales will stay open for a month, starting today. After that, Class of Heroes 2Gwill only be available as a digital PS3 release.

Technically, this allows you to own one of the rarest produced physical copies of a PS3 game, if you want to buy in on this. It’s like being personally catered to.

In addition, Class of Heroes 2G has a connected feature that allows players to hook up their PSP or Vita to their PS3, to see additional info on the game while playing it. Since this is a dungeon crawling title, the handheld will serve mostly as a map screen and stats sheet.

On their site, Gaijinworks mentions that they’d want to see this Class of Heroes 2G connection feature happen in other games soon. Since both PS3 and PSP are sort of over their curve already, it’s doubtful that they’ll receive a lot of love from other publishers.

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