Civilization Revolution 2 Announced For No One’s Favorite Platform

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

Publisher 2K Games announced the existence of Civilization Revolution 2. That’s great news for fans of the more casual aspect in 4X conquest strategy games.

In somewhat less exciting news, the sequel is a mobile exclusive. It will release on iOS shortly, on July 2, 2014. There should also be an Android version at some point.

Visuals follow a similar style as its predecessor, more cartoonish than the main release. Environments are also a little more colorful.

So far, leaders include classics like Elisabeth, Napoleon and Caesar, but also newcomers like Winston Churchill, who looks like they melted in the sun. You won’t be playing this for the graphical prowess.

Civilization Revolution is a condensed version of its flagship franchise on PC, currently up to Civilization V. In the mobile version, many options like diplomacy and resource management are simplified, to concentrate on combat.

Its first Revolution spin-off was released on consoles and Nintendo DS, along with mobile versions. It looks like Civilization Revolution 2 won’t be making it back, despite it being a perfect fit for all platforms.

Inexplicably, Civilization Revolution never made it to PC, despite it being a perfect way to connect an audience to its main release there. At least, the game  is generally well-liked on iOS.

Civilization Revolution 2 is still one of the only functional 4X gaming experiences available on mobile platforms. There seriously need to be a lot more of those.

If you know some good alternatives, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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