AMD’s Richard Huddy Slams Nvidia For its Exclusive Deals With Developers

By   /   Jun 23, 2014

AMD’s executive Richard Huddy, who had previously worked with Intel, Nvidia, and ATI, gave an interview to maximum PC, in which he talks about how Nvidia is ruining the gaming experience for PC players and multiple other issues.

He mentions that Nvidia is making million dollar deals with game’s developers and publishers to use GameWorks as their primary platform and this is destroying AMD benchmarks.

He continued on to say that in addition to making these deals, Nvidia also conditions creator’s not to allow AMD into the code to help optimize the gaming experience on AMD’s graphic cards.

Huddy was later on asked about the AMD’s exclusive deal with Tomb Raider, to which he responded  by saying that there was indeed a deal, but there certainly was no condition to optimize the experience only for AMD cards.

He went on to say that AMD is even willing to show the document of its deal to public, if Nvidia decides to do the same with its exclusive contracts.

Huddy in whole interview, talks very openly about the situation that has been going on in the market and if you are a PC gamer, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this interview.

What is your take on AMD and Nvidia?

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