PlayStation Now Pricing Details Leaked

By   /   Jun 21, 2014

Every since the reveal of PlayStation Now, people have been pretty excited and anxious to try out its service, which allows Sony device users to play available games via streaming.

According to Hardcoregamer, new information on the service has been leaked, which suggests that the users will be able to pay $2.99 to try out any game for 4 hours. This pricing goes up to $29.99, which will give you the ability to play for 90 days.

This pricing will be most suitable for the players who just want to play through the game’s single player campaign or just want to check it out.

Otherwise, paying $30 for a game that is available to you at $40 or $50 will not be such a huge deal, however, some classic games will certainly force the users to pay this kind of money.

PlayStation Now service extends to all Sony devices, which means that you don’t even need to own any PlayStation console to play some of the classic games.

Any TV from Sony will be able to play the games, but you will need a fast internet connection as the games will only be available via streaming.

This is Sony’s way of making its next-gen console backward compatible as you will have the option of playing some popular PS3 titles like The Last of Us, Shadow of Colossus and Beyond: Two Souls.

In addition to PS3 titles, PS2 and original PlayStation titles will also be available on this service so that players will not have to purchase previous consoles to play the classics.

Sony has assured fans that beta for PlayStation Now will began this summer and full release will happen this fall.

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