Grid Autosport Launch Trailer Has Been Released

By   /   Jun 21, 2014

A launch trailer titled “This is Racing” has been released by Codemasters for its upcoming Grid Autosport, the latest entry in the popular racing franchise.

The video highlights some of the biggest tracks added to the game like Indianapolis, Mount Panorama and also shares some scenes from street races of San Francisco, Barcelona and Washington DC.

On the tone of realism and authenticity, the developer claimed that playing Grid Autosport will make you feel as if you’re driving in real life. This is because a lot of detail has been put in the game to match every real-life aspect.

The game will include huge roster of cars that will be divided in to five groups – Tuner, Open Wheel, Touring Cars, Street and Endurance.

All of these aforementioned groups are further distributed into three different tiers, with Tier 1 being the weakest cars and Tier 3 being the best ones.

You will be able to see in-car view of each of the car available and every car will have its own unique feel and handling.

In addition to huge car roster, Grid Autosport will feature total of 22 race tracks that will include some real life circuits and some fictional street circuits.

Grid Autosport is set to launch in just four days on 24th of June for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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