Destiny: PlayStation-Exclusive Content to Release For Xbox in Fall 2015

By   /   Jun 21, 2014

Bungie’s upcoming RPG shooter will feature an abundance of PlayStation-exclusive content. Neither the developer or publisher has so far hinted on when that exclusivity would end. Thanks to the game’s Amazon listing though we now have our answer.

The aforementioned content will stay exclusive to the PlayStation platform for a year, until “at least Fall 2015.”

The game’s listing for the PlayStation 4 mentions the following: “Exclusive content for PlayStation 4 [PlayStation 3, too, on its own listing] owners includes the Exodus Blue Competitive Multiplayer Map, Dust Palace Strike, Weapons, Ships and Gear that will only be on PlayStation until at least Fall 2015.”

The Dust Palace Strike is a three-person strike mission set in the decayed ruins of a human skyscraper on Mars. The multiplayer map, meanwhile, is described as “mid-sized” and ideal for Control and Skirmish game modes.

Unless this is a mistake on Amazon’s end, Xbox owners will have to hold the fort until fall of 2015 to get their hands on the content.

The game is currently in Alpha stages, and the owners of PlayStation 4 had the pleasure of trying out the game last week. Players who did manage to get their hands-on Destiny during last week, praised it for its unique gameplay experience as it keeps players invested in the game.

Destiny is scheduled for release on September 9 worldwide across the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Unfortunately there has been no news on a PC version.

Source Amazon

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