Battlefield: Hardline – All Weapons and Gadgets Unlocked For Current Beta

By   /   Jun 21, 2014

EA has unlocked all of the weapons and gadgets in the Battlefield: Hardline public beta run so that testers have a chance to try out “every single weapon and gadget available.”

In a statement from EA, the company said that doing so would “allow us to get a better sense of what’s working for you, how each gun and item is balanced in every match/encounter, and make changes based on your feedback.”

That’s a pretty valuable decision. Rather than balance and tweak the game through various patches post-launch, it’s an excellent initiative to balance out the weapons and gadgets before the title’s official release.

EA was also quick to point out that “all the weapons and gadgets in the beta are just a taste of what fans can expect this fall, we have a lot more guns, gadgets and vehicles waiting for you on October 21.” That’s basically DLC speaking and similar to Battlefield 4, Hardline is going to get a over half-a-dozen new multiplayer maps by next year, as well as new weaponry.

The public beta for Battlefield: Hardline continues to run on the PlayStation 4 and PC. An open beta will arrive for all platforms later this year.

The game does indeed look to borrow a lot of elements from Battlefield 4, making many fans of the franchise point fingers in disappointment that Hardline is nothing but a reuse of previous assets.

Thaddeus Sasser, the lead multiplayer designer, tackled that accusation, saying that the similarities are obvious because it’s the same engine. However, there are many improvements that have been done to Hardline, including improvements to Physics, vehicles and overall performance.

Battlefield: Hardline is due in October on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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