Top 10 Hidden Steam Summer Sale Deals

By   /   Jun 20, 2014

It’s once more time to bring out the healing ointment for our collective wallets, as we keep abusing them for the Steam Summer Sale. Each day, Valve’s digital storefront puts up nine big titles at an equally sizable discount, along with four interchangeable deals every eight hours.

There’s also a community vote for a timed deal, every eight hours. Except, this time, users get to vote for an additional four games in a pack, instead of just one winner.

Sales have started a bit slow on day one, with a mini-discount for Early Access games DayZ and Divinity: Original Sin, at 15% and 20% respectively. That still puts them over €20, which isn’t everyone’s idea of a bargain.

So, to get you the most of this year’s Summer Sale, we’re going to need to go deep into the trenches of all Steam titles available. There are a lot of them and you need to buy them all. It’s like Pokémon.

Additionally, buying contributes to the Summer Adventure objective of Steam Trading Cards, which is now divided into teams. Things are getting complicated this year.

So, to prevent confusion, here’s a clear overview of the top 10 Steam Summer Sale deals.

We’ll even mention if games have Steam Trading Cards!


10. Dark Void Zero – €0.99 (75%)

Let’s start off with something breezy, but entertaining. While Dark Void Zero isn’t a chart topper and stems from a generally disliked main game in Dark Void, this pixel platform title is a blast. Moreover, it dips in spare change territory with the current discount, making it hard to pass up.

Aside from being extremely colorful, Dark Void Zero is also filled with activity. There are enemies in all corners of the game and shooting them down can be done with several powerful weapons.

Don’t let the name fool you; this classic-looking platform adventure is one of Capcom’s most hidden treasures.

  • Steam Trading Cards: No.

Dark Void Zero

9. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures – €7.99 (80%)

We’re going to keep things light just a little more with Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. It’s a modern 3D platform title, based off a recent TV series of the same name.

Now, let’s be honest: This is a cheese fest. It’s easy and saccharine.

Rather, the Pac gets our recommendation, because it’s perfect for those who want to just kick back and get transported to a soothing world with an old flame. Its discount is the sharpest among Namco titles as well.

To keep things interesting, the open platform game also has power-up mechanisms to spice up combat gameplay.

  • Steam Trading Cards: No.

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures

8. One Way Heroics – €0.74 (75%)

Sometimes, we just want to write: “It’s not even a buck, what more do you need?” That’d be a little tense of us though.

Still, aside from being a price so dismissible that we’d buy it for you, One Way Heroics also happens to be a decent game with a terrific renewing idea. What looks like a generic RPG Maker project, actually is a tense roguelike with a huge sense of urgency.

Don’t stop moving, looting and killing, because the world will slowly creep up from the left and swallow you whole. You probably never felt this rushed in an RPG.

  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes.

One Way Heroics

7. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – 80% (€3.99)

We’re also going to keep throwing a dog a bone. There is a ton of overblown hatred for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, mostly because it just isn’t Enemy Unknown.

Still, it does employ the same spirit of tactical decisions in this cover-based shooter. True, it isn’t exactly as pristine, but it’s surely not as terrible as you’ve heard.

If anything, those who couldn’t get into how hard XCOM is can play a shallower yet stylish experience here.

At least there’s one winning aspect: All the hate made the price tank, so you’re now able to pick it up for pittance.

  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes.

the bureau 1

6. SkyDrift – €1.99 (80%)

There are plenty of decent racing titles out there, but none have quite peaked in originality as much as SkyDrift has in recent years. Vehicular combat with airplanes, trying to race while dodging cliff sides, is just as crazy entertaining as it sounds.

Moreover, developer Digital Reality knows how to make its games sparkle for visually impressive backdrops. They also made the glorious side-scrolling shooter Sine Mora, for reference.

SkyDrift is tough to handle with its breakneck turns and vicious opponents, but that’s part of the excitement. Luckily, its tight controls will always make it feel fair and satisfying to boot.

  • Steam Trading Cards: No.


5. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – €4.99 (75%)

Namco has a list of games up for a pretty good discount, but the cream of the crop in there is Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. It’s a gorgeous adventure in style of spectacle titles, but in some strange post-apocalyptic wonderland.

Ok, so most of the game’s charm comes from its visuals, along with the pretty catchy progression, but it’s also quite diverse in its basic elements. There’s some light combat, some automated platform sections and the occasional hoverboard.  Yup, hoverboard.

Also, the character pairing gets strengthened by a codependent game element that forces the two to stay close. That’s cute.

  • Steam Trading Cards: No.

Enslaved Odyssey to the West

4. Gone Home – €4.99 (75%)

Remember that game everyone was mad about, because it cost twenty bucks for two hours? Well, now Gone Home is up at a much friendlier price, so that excuse is out the door.

Moreover, the storyline is actually as well-presented as all those publications said it was. And those wanting a game inside of it will also find the occasional puzzle or sleuthing elements.

Seriously though, its narrative is unlike any other game has been able to present. So, if nothing else, it’s like a movie you love that has the added value of putting you inside its central role.

  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes.

Gone Home

3. Depths of Fear: Knossos €2.03 (66%)

We talked about Depths of Fear: Knossos when it first released and that wasn’t too long ago. It’s slashing a lot of its already low price off regardless and that should be everyone’s cue to pick it up.

We also discussed how wonky and weird the game looks like and even feels, but letting something like that stop you, would be a mistake. In fact, we’d say that it adds to the horror theme of this first-person survival onslaught.

Test your adventuring spirit to see if you can outlive the randomly generated mazes of this Greek mythology simulator. That’s a dare.

  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes.

Depths of Fear: Knossos

2. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – €3.74 (75%)

There have been way too few shooters in this list and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon won’t really chip in on the whole monochrome brown trend either. On the contrary, it has more neon than should be legal in a game.

This game is perfect if you’ve always wanted to put a bullet through Daft Punk’s stupid robot faces. It has all the things that make Far Cry 3 great, but takes away any seriousness that game was still clinging to.

Instead, feel free to shoot, stab and generally blow up any environments you see and have a giggle or two.

  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

1. Cloudbuilt – €4.74 (75%)

Here’s another game we talked about when it released a little earlier this year. Unfortunately, Cloudbuilt’s elevated price didn’t gel with people on launch, but with this discount, it should be a no-brainer.

Aside from uniquely painted visuals, Cloudbuilt is also a game that’s full of displays of skill and tense moments. You’ll need to perform some crazy platform stunts to beat ever more challenging levels.

As if leaping over chasms wasn’t tricky enough, you’ll also be attacked from all sides. An open world solidifies the freeform challenge and that makes this a must for anyone wanting something different to play this summer.

  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes.


Cloudbuilt pc indie gameplay screenshots (4)

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