Sunset Overdrive Female Character Revealed in Gender Neutral Clothes

By   /   Jun 20, 2014

Ever since Insomniac Games showcased the E3 2014 demo of their upcoming third person shooter, I have been waiting eagerly for October 28 i.e. the release date. In the meanwhile, we were introduced to the first Sunset Overdrive female character.

As you must already know, players are going to have a liberty to create their own heroes whens starting the game, and obviously you can make some hotties too.

This character was shown at this week’s Sunset TV episode. If you don’t know what that is, you are missing out on an interesting source of information about the game. It is the game’s very own news program.

That being said, when you create a character in the game, all the clothing is going to be gender neutral, meaning you can cross dress your hero too. Trust me that gave me pretty weird ideas but I will leave it all to your imagination.

The second important piece of information dropped by the developer recently was about Traps. It is another way to kill the enemies as you might have already judged. Most suitable in night defense at times when there is an enemy onslaught. You will get plenty of options to choose from (just like the game’s weaponry) and each one of them sounds like a one of a kind feature.

If you are interested in either the Traps or the Sunset Overdrive female character checkout the video above. It has the full Sunset TV episode.

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