Here’s Dragon Age Inquisition Demo That Was Shown To Journalists

By   /   Jun 20, 2014

Sometimes I wonder whether it is the developers themselves who let leak some information about their upcoming projects. Mostly, I doubt it as they spends tons of hours and millions of dollars on it but then things like this Dragon Age Inquisition leaked gameplay video pop up, and then I believe it.

A couple of days ago, a behind closed doors presentation was held at Electronic Arts where a select group of journalists and analysts were shown off a good length of unseen gameplay.

As it happens, there was someone among the audience who liked it a bit too much and recorded it with a camera to take home. Now, here it is with us.

This is not the complete gameplay – it neither starts at the start of the presentation nor ends with it, but it still is at least 16 minutes long.

During this time, you will get to see how big the world of Inquisition really is, how the villages look and how exactly do the game’s features work including a bit of the UI.

Before you go on let me tell you that this Dragon Age Inquisition leaked gameplay is from an alpha build of the game which means it is going to get a lot better when we get the game on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 7 this year.

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