Battlefield: Hardline Isn’t Just a Reuse of Battlefield 4 Assets

By   /   Jun 20, 2014

Do you also think that Battlefield: Hardline has lesser juice to be regarded as completely new game because it looks and feels too similar to BF4?

You might be right to some extent, however Visceral is planning to change a few things for you.

Thaddeus Sasser, the lead multiplayer designer for the game recently tackled this very same question (among others) in an interview.

When asked why the game look a lot like Battlefield 4 and that it could have been just an expansion of it instead of a fully-fledged game, Sasser said that it was obvious because the engine is the same i.e. Frostbite 3. However, there are improvements:

We improved the vehicle physics and so on because, in a cops and criminal setting, vehicle collisions are way more important than in Battlefield. So, we’re making fundamental changes under the hood to some of these systems.

In terms of the UI, we still want it to be recognizably Battlefield, but we’ve got some changes, we’re listening to user feedback, we’re always soliciting comments and feedback from the players, so if you’ve got specific comments, you got specific feedback, let us know.

We’re happy to take it in, we’re still a good bit away from release. We got time to make some changes. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like. Tell us why.

He also believes that the E3 demonstration is but a small portion of what the whole game is.

There are more game modes, maps, gadgets, weapons and other stuff that will be unrolled later. He assured that it is not a reusing of the same assets as you will yourself see a lot of new content in the times to come.

Visceral’s participation in Community Test Environment is one of the key factors that has helped add a new touch to the game, but I am just a little concerned whether Battlefield: Hardline will be able to impress or not.

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