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1001 Spikes Golden Skulls Locations Guide

1001 Spikes
Going through countless death traps and unforgiving stage designs isn’t just worth it completely if you aren’t going to grab all the collectibles along the way.

1001 Spikes Golden Skulls Locations

1001 Spikes is brutal and merciless, but amongst the hate-worthy traps and evil is a gem that will always help you rejoice: the golden Skull. There are 30 skulls in 1001 Spikes, with each stage having one, meaning each world has six of them to find.

You already have spinning blades, arrows, scorpions, flamethrowers, and insanely hoping columns to deal with, so we’ll make thinks slightly less comfortable by giving the locations of all these skulls.

World 1

Stage 1-1
Right when you start the stage, move forward and you’ll come in front of a very large 9×9 grey concrete block. Just before it is a small black block which has the skull in it.

Stage 1-2
It’s hard to miss this skull that is floating in the open. Go up and grab the key, then walk three blocks back till the block falls. Make a quick wall-jump towards the skull while avoiding the spikes to grab it.

Stage 1-3
This one is located right below the exit door. Instead of pressing the grey button just jump up to grab the skull.

Stage 1-4
After grabbing the key, move forward and up the platform that is going up and down. On the top left of the wall is a strangely misplaced black block. Jump towards it to reveal the skull.

Stage 1-5
The skull is visible in front of you. Just on the first narrow floating concrete block to make it slide down, then immediately jump on the next on to make it slide down as well. Grab the skull quickly and make your to the next concrete block.

Stage 1-6
In the final room you’ll have to press two buttons to gain access to the exit door. Below the exit door is a block that has the final skull of this world.

World 2

Stage 2-1
Very simple to spot. Just avoid the spikes and time your jumps correctly to grab the skull on the top left corner.

Stage 2-2
Again very easy to spot. Just make sure that you avoid the falling block that falls in the same narrow space the skull is located in.

Stage 2-3
You’ll manage to spot this one to the right of the key. Carefully make your way to the key, then move to the left while avoiding/killing the scorpion.

Jump on the narrow concrete block to make it slide down. Quickly grab the skull then jump to the left while avoiding the scorpion.

Stage 2-4
This one is a bit tricky. Once you’ve gotten the key from the end, track back to the two blocks that are shooting arrows. The twisted block below the left arrow-shooting block has the skull in it.

Stage 2-5
Break the block right beneath the first arrow-shooting block to acquire the skull.

Stage 2-6
While you’re making your way through the long hall, you’ll notice the skull stuck between a set of concretes that are nearly impossible to reach. Head straight to the end of the hall, and jump backwards into the wall to reveal a secret passage.

Keep going left and up to get to this cleverly hidden skull.

World 3

Stage 3-1
Break the twisted block directly right to the key for the skull.

Stage 3-2
Look above you to notice an arrow-shooting block on the wall – it’s facing a twisted block, which as has the skull in it.

Stage 3-3
You can see the skull here, but it’s fairly difficult to get because of the moving blades. Just attacking the blades to change their direction so you can grab it easily.

Stage 3-4
After the stage starts, climb the three blocks on the right wall of the level to grab the skull.

Stage 3-5
Make your way to the left while avoiding the boulder dispensers. Keep your eyes open for a peculiar twisted block that is lighter colored than the rest, located left to the key. Break the block to find the skull in it.

Stage 3-6
Oh boy, this skull is pretty tough to find. Head to the left and jump over the fourth arrow-shooting block you find. Jump again and you’ll manage to access hidden paths through the walls.

Keep going right and jump over the spaces between the walls. The lighter twisted block at the far right end (or more like start) of the area has the skull hidden in it.

World 4

Stage 4-1
Once you grab the key and fall down through the space with the red switch on the wall, break the twisted black block on the edge of the left wall (upper right to the exit) to get the skull.

Stage 4-2
Simply make your way to the far right end of the stage to find the skull floating above lava.

Stage 4-3
Right after you land, break the block below the arrow-shooting block on the left wall to find the skull.

Stage 4-4
After navigating all the way to the far right side of the stage, you’ll drop down and have to go through a plethora of spike traps. There is a platform below (left of where the key is located) with a scorpion on it.

Kill the scorpion and shoot the block that is in the way to find the skull.

Stage 4-5
This skull is in the open, but it’s kind of difficult to reach. Get on the falling block above the lower left spikes, then destroy the block left of the skull to gain access to it.

Stage 4-6
Keep moving right till you spot a Tetris L-shaped concrete block and a rectangular concrete column to the right of it. Jump to the platform below the rectangular column, then jump above through the column and shoot the twisted block to the left.

World 5

Stage 5-1
This skull is pretty easy to get, provided you can get through this death-trapped place in peace. Make sure you avoid the falling block just before the skull.

If you managed to hit the switch before collecting the key (without it you wouldn’t have survived), the falling block will land on the conjured block, allowing you to reach the skull.

Stage 5-2
After grabbing the in this unforgiving stage, head back and up where the round light colored boulders are being deployed. Look for a twisted block opposite of the second block that is deploying these light-colored boulders. Smash it to get the skull.

Stage 5-3
Oh boy. The skull is visible, but you’ll need to be clever and ride the second hoping bronze column to get to it. Make sure you manage to jump of quickly enough when the column falls.

Stage 5-4
In order to get to the key, you’ll have to go through a plethora of spinning blades. On the second row, count two blocks down and one block left. Break that block to get the skull.

Stage 5-5
Break the two discolored block below the exit key to find the skull in one of them.

Stage 5-6
Move forward till you spot the long vertical tunnel that leads up. Instead of going through the internal parts, break the left block and go from the outer left wall of this area.

Keep heading up till you find a twisted block hanging from the ceiling beyond which you cannot climb up. Break this block to acquire the final skull.

Congratulations! You have collected all 30 skulls in 1001 Spikes!