Would You Like Some War Of The Vikings Berserker?

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

Publisher Paradox Interactive put out Update 1.2 for War of the Vikings, which once more brings a new character and content to the multiplayer title. This patch is called The Berserker and gives players the option to play as a barbaric savage.

Berserkers are fearless warriors that get enhanced for their bloodlust. Choosing to go into battle without armor reduces damage, but this comes at the cost of only dual-wielding one-handed weapons and not being able to loot weapons.

On the other hand, the boost, which comes with the Born Warrior perk that allows it, will also make characters faster and removes movement penalties. To really drive home the aggressive build, stamina recharges 300% faster as well.

With the Frenzy perk, Berserkers in War of the Vikings can cheat death. When mortally wounded, players will be able to negate ranged damage to try and kill an opponent within ten seconds.

The Frenzy perk comes with added damage and move speed. Pulling off a kill returns 50% health to the Berserker. Honestly, it looks a little overpowered.

Lastly, a defensive perk reduces parry damage by 40%. Take a look at a video explaining the new class.

Along with the new character, War of the Vikings has additional content. For starters, it drops no less than 3 new maps in the roster, namely Mire, Outpost and Village.

A new game mode, Domination, works as a standard control point mode. Owning objectives depletes the enemy score, with the bonus of winning the game if the team holds all three points for 45 seconds.

Like the previous Shieldmaiden update, please note that the Berserker update in War of the Vikings is mostly free and not tied to its downloadable content (DLC) companion. That one just gets you some sweet tattoos for your savage.

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