World of Tanks: ‘Tanks Smell of Bogs’ Documentary Released

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

Following a trailer last month, World of Tanks players can now watch the entire “Tanks Smell of Bogs” documentary by filmmaker Viachaslau Makshun.

The 30-minute video follows a team of tank hunters who are hunting for special parts for the restoration process of historical tanks. In the video the small team of engineers head out to remote regions of Belarus and its marshes in search for long buried tanks from World War II.

There’s no real confirmation on whether they will find something worthy or not. All they have to go on is the word of the locals who say the marshes contain some relics from World War II.

Later in the video the team does find something interesting, but what they find asks them to go down deep into places most people would rather stay away from. Without the aid of any special equipment, the team will have to do things the old fashion way.

World of Tanks was released for the Xbox 360 earlier this year but only in digital format.

A retail release has been announced for August which will include 1500 gold, 200,000 silver and premium vehicles and cost $19.99. In addition, you will get a pass for three days to enjoy the premium account services, which gives you 50% boost for silver and XP points.

Earlier this month, publisher Wargaming added Soviet Steel to the Xbox 360 edition featuring over 25 new vehicles. They span across several categories and can be seen here.

Since its release on the PC, World of Tanks is quickly forming a large circle of devotees around itself.

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