Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Third Dev Diary Talks History

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

The third developer diary for Valiant Hearts: The Great War has surfaced and sees Ubisoft recalling their research efforts to make the game as historically accurate as possible.

Posting on the official PlayStation Blog, Ubisoft Content Manager Ed Casey highlighted the importance of the research done to bring historical facts and fiction close together.

The development team seems pretty confident of their work and that Valiant Hearts: The Great War will be successful in telling a “story of crossed destinies and a broken love torn apart by the chaos and horror of the war.”

“The Ubisoft team really wanted a realistic game, steeped in history, that can call on the player’s feelings around these lives in World War 1,” historian Alexandre Lafon said in the video.

“That’s why, in the game, we have what we call historical facts,” international brand manager Guillaume Cerda added. “When you are playing the game, sometimes you’ll have an info dedicated to something you did in the game [that relates to an historical event].”

The video also introduces Walt, the Dog and talks about “casualty dogs” and their role in the trenches at nights during World War I.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is scheduled for a launch next week, June 24 on the PS4 and PS3; while the other platforms – Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC will see the game made available a day later on June 25.

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