Sunset Overdrive Enemies Will Attack You In Every Possible Way

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

I guess it is about time. Insomniac Games have made quite an impression with their upcoming third person shooter in the last two E3 conferences.

The trailers shown couple of days back were exceptionally invigorating. We have known about the combat system, but who are we fighting? What about the Sunset Overdrive enemies?

The developer has finally loosened the knot on four of the enemies that we will be facing in the game namely OD, Blower, Herker, and Scabs.

First off, the OD work like a horde and there will be a lot of them in the game – each one having the capacity to wreck your balls. They are good at blocking traversal paths and can also block bouncing objects. Their power is their number.

Next up, the Blowers have a ranged attack and that too with a sickening Overcharge bile – the longer you stay in contact the greater the damage. That is not all, any tough attack is easy to work around if it’s predictable, but that is not the case with the Blowers.

Lastly, they will be nestled on the edges of the battleground which means you have to go to them instead of the other way around.

Then there is Herker, this giant of a monster will keep coming at you with bulldozer like force until you give in – or more appropriately, bash him down.

He is like a tank; resilient, tough and good at dealing damage, but he isn’t as slow as tanks! He is good at melee so you better maintain a safe distance. However, don’t take the distance to be all you need, Herker is also good at throwing things. Better take him out first.

Lastly, there are Scabs, the only humans among the Sunset Overdrive enemies we know so far. Since they are not monsters, they require a different play style.

Why? Because they will be shooting at you with assault rifles! This is something none of the mutants can do. So you’ll have to move constantly, keep dodging and keep trying to line them up in your range of fire.


Sunset Overdrive Enemies 2


Sunset Overdrive Enemies 3

So, how do you like the Sunset Overdrive enemies?

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