Star Citizen’s Flight Model Will Be Based On Real Physics

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

It was only three days ago that the Star Citizen community started questioning the game’s Flight model which they tagged as “wrong.” Cloud Imperium Games was quick to respond to the feedback and Chris Roberts did a huge post to clarify their stance and goals for the game’s Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS) and flight model.

Roberts stated that unlike most space simulator games, Star Citizen banks on real-world physics. Today the game’s Physics Programmer John Pritchett followed up Robert’s earlier statements with a huge post in which he explained how closely Star Citizen will attempt to follow our laws of physics.

“We model what would be needed on an actual spaceship, including correct application of thrust at the places where the thrusters are attached to the hull of the ship – in our model moment of inertia, mass changes and counter thrust are very necessary. Star Citizen’s physical simulation of spaceflight is based on what would actually happen in space.”

That essentially means that every aspect of flight is controlled by your thrusters. This includes propelling forward, steering left or right, rolling, pitching and even stopping the craft.

Star Citizen’s flight model is not going to be easy for the average player, but that’s what makes this an exciting title to expect.

When was the last time that you were prepared to spend on a whole flight control stick, and use it in a space game with new age visuals and a complex system of dog fighting, exploration, smuggling, pirating, transporting and what not.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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