Sixty Second Shooter Prime is Available on Xbox One for $4.99

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

How would you like a little new game with fast paced shooting and twin stick handling that won’t let you take two breaths at ease? Sixty Second Shooter Prime is that kind of a game, and it is currently available on Xbox One.

The official Xbox Games Store currently has it for a price of $4.99 and gives a pretty good description of what the game is all about:

“Sixty Second Shooter Prime is a twin stick shooter with a sixty second time limit. You’ll be surprised how fun that is. You have one minute – and one life! – with which to deal as much destruction as possible. The enemy hordes are relentless, so only the sharpest wits and the fastest reflexes will prevail. The clock is always ticking in this fast-paced dual-stick shooter. But thankfully, our intrepid scientists at Happion Laboratories have developed all-new weapons to help you in those sixty seconds of hell. Use missiles to build a large chain bonus or lure your opponents into deadly remote-detonating bombs.”

It sounds like the game is all about frantic shooting, the mission is as simple as it gets; destroy as many of everything in the game as possible in a sixty second time slot.

I think it would be a good pastime for you when you wait on a game being downloaded or a commercial break in your favorite TV shows. What do you think? Will you be spending five bucks on Sixty Second Shooter Prime?

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