New Gear And Bread In Lovely Team Fortress 2 Update

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

Popular shooter Team Fortress 2 has launched a second update in its recent “Love & War” event. This day, a bunch of new weapons and items are added to the already extensive inventory.

A first tier of novelties gives players more equipment options. We’ll list the new items below:

  • The Back Scatter: A less accurate gun with smaller clip that lands mini-criticals (mini-crits) when fired on the back of an enemy.
  • The Tide Turner: A shield with fire and explosive resistance that allows turning while charging and replenishes the meter upon charge kills.
  • The B.A.S.E. Jumper: A parachute that slows your descent.
  • The Classic: A slightly weaker sniper that only lands headshots when fully charged, but can do so without zoom.
  • The Air Strike: A weaker rocket launcher with better attack speed while jumping and clip increases upon kills.

If you craft a Bread Box in Team Fortress 2, you’ll also be able to get an item inspired by Valve’s recent 15-minute short film, called Expiration date. The Bread Box is only available until July 9, 2014 and gets you one of the following:

  • The Self-Aware Beauty Mark: Liquid that puts out fires and makes soaked enemies take mini-crits.
  • The Snack Attack: Sapper.
  • The Bread Bite: Gloves that improve speed, but increase damage vulnerability.
  • Mutated Milk: Allows healing 60% of damage done to milk-coated enemies.

This update also comes with a whopping 22 new achievements to try out. It follows yesterday’s update, which already added new taunts to Team Fortress 2.

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