Meet Ajay Ghale, Far Cry 4’s Protagonist and Pagan Min’s Guest of Honor

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

Ubisoft has posted a close up picture of the upcoming Far Cry 4’s protagonist Ajay Ghale, who is a native of Kyrat, a devoted son and a guest of honor of game’s antagonist Pagan Min.

As we already know, Far Cry 4 will take place in Nepal’s region of Himalayas and footage that was shown at E3 gave us the first look of the game’s villain, and he is not a very nice guy to say the least.

Ajay Ghale, Pagan Min’s guest of honor is on some sort of quest, but nothing on that has been shared by the developer.

far cry 4

Gameinformer suggests that game will be story driven considering Ajay Ghale is son of Mohan Ghale, who launched a resistance against Pagan Min, and it doesn’t end there as both were in love with the same women so expect some amazing back story telling upon your arrival in Kyrat.

Another interesting thing about Ajay is that he is not an outcast who just ended up in the Himalayas and as mentioned before, he is a native of this area, which will certainly bring a new flavor to the game, as he will be aware of most of the places and people in town.

Far Cry series is also known for its inclusion of animals; some might attack you while some may run away from you, but they are all an important part of the ecosystem in the game.

In Far Cry 4, Elephants have also been added to the mix, and you will be able to ride and use them as weapons to wreck havoc on your enemies.

Far Cry 4 is shaping up to be yet another amazing entry in popular series and hopefully; we will get more details on Ajay’s journey to Himalayas in coming months.

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